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Printer Setup

To get the utmost efficiency with the most effective output, the printer is setup in a very correct way. Brother printer setup in a very comprehensive way needs a further skill to link with the PC and tweaking the settings as per the requirements of the end-user’s and system compatibility.




Driver Installation

The process of installation of every brand of printer is nearly same to each other omitting some settings that you can perceive through the manual. If you are getting difficulty in how to install Brother Printer, there are teams of technicians working in the industry who will assist you in Brother printer Installation.


If Brother Printers don’t seem to be operating properly, it needs repairing in proper time. It helps to keep any kind of major issues away that may influence the work of the end-users. Brother Printer repair service is obtainable for all brands. We Are Brother Printer Support Help Team.  


We, Brother Printer Support Number +1-877-353-1149 team are respecting our customers. It doesn’t matter what the time is.  We are always available 24/7/365 to resolve all your brother printer related issues. Just Get in Touch Our Technician Team for quick Solution.





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How To Install Brother Printer Drivers To Your Computer

How To Install Brother Printer Drivers To Your Computer

How To Install Brother Printer Drivers To Your Computer

Brother Printer drivers are installed with the CD ROM or without CD ROM. If your computer doesn’t have a CD-ROM installed then you can also install the drivers via the internet, How To Install Brother Printer Drivers To Your Computer.

You can go to www.brother.com and find most of the Printer drivers online. You need to put the serial number or model number of the printer and you can find the relevant drivers that can work.

By these steps, You can learn,  How To Install Brother Printer Drivers To Your Computer


Install Brother printer drivers with CD-ROM

  • To install the brother printer drivers via CD-ROM, please insert the disk which came with the Printer. open the folder and search for the setup file.
  • click the setup file and instruction will prompt. you need to follow the instruction and connect the printer USB with the computer.
  • Once the drivers are installed it will search the attached printer and prompt for the test page print.


Install Brother printer without CD ROM from Internet

  1. Open the browser and type www.brother.com. Once you have opened the site, you need to search the model number of your printer.
  2. After finding the relevant model number, click on software and drivers part to download the drivers matching your printer.
  3. Once the drivers are download, please open the driver folder and run the setup file. Just follow the instructions to install the brother printer drivers. How To Install Brother Printer Drivers To Your Computer.

If you are unable to connect your Brother Printer to a wireless network then we can help you out. Setting up your wireless Brother printer is most important to fetch the maximum output with good efficiency.Brother Wireless Printer setup for Mac and Windows computer in a right way need additional skills and knowledge about the computer and printer.

If you are facing any issues or has any question regarding Brother Printer then you need to talk with the Brother Printer support team. So, Call our Brother Printer Customer Support Number +1-877-353-1149. We offer the fast solution all printer issue resolved.

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How to Install Brother Printer Drivers | Brother Support

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers

Wanted to know How to Install Brother Printer Drivers? Unable to install Brother printer Drivers? Don’t know How to Install Brother Printer Drivers? How do i add a brother printer to my mac

Don’t worry, if you don’t know How to install Brother printer drivers. Our experts will help you with this. They will install your Brother printer drivers instantly. For installation of Brother printer drivers contact at our toll free Brother printer support Phone Number.


Step by Step Guide for How to Install Brother Printer Drivers?

You will Find Many Step by step Tutorial to install brother printer. Even though, they don’t know “How to Install Brother Printers Without a CD Rom”. Many of our Customers Say that they are Trying to install Drivers on Windows 7,Windows 8 or Windows 10 or MAC. But they are unable to install drivers. Every time they install, they face different issues and not able to install brother printer. So WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME? when OUR EXPERTS are here. Who will install your printer and Drivers instantly without wasting time. Because they are Expert Technicians. They Deal with lot of Brother Printer Issues and resolve all problems everyday. They Know each and everything.

You Can try different methods. But after that, if you are unable to install. You have to come to Technician, who will help you. So without wasting time call at our Brother Printer Support Phone Number now and get instant solution.



  1. Brother machines have built-in drivers that support the basic functions.
  2. Related models are listed at the bottom of the page.
  3. Check the list once.
  4. Well you don’t have to download drivers online.

EXCEPTION: How to Install Brother Printer Drivers

  1. If PC is running Windows 8 or later systems, follow steps here to install the built-in drivers.
  2. Steps to install built-in drivers depend on how you connected printer to your PC.
  3. There are two ways to connect: via USB or via Network Connection.
  4. o use network connection, your Brother machine must support this feature.
  5. Users are required to have internet access to install built-in drivers.

How to Install Brother Printer Drivers

Via USB:

  1. In case printer is connected to PC via USB, the built-in drivers are installed automatically.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect to the printer to PC, the driver will be installed automatically.
  3. It supports printing function and scanning function.

Via Network Connections:

Follow steps below to install the driver.

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  3.  Click Advanced printer setup.
  4. Select the model name and click Next.
  5. How to Install Brother Printer Drivers


If model name is not listed, follow steps below and learn How to Install Brother Printer Drivers

  1. Click printer that I want isn’t listed.
  2. Select, add a printer using a TCP/IP address or host name.
  3. In pop-up window, Choose Brother from the Manufacturer list.
  4. Select the model name from the Printers list.
  5. Click Next.
  6. It takes few minutes to update the Printers list.
  7. How to Install Brother Printer Drivers
  8. Click Next buttons.
  9. Finally Finish button.
  10. Built-in driver supports basic functions.
  11. If you wish to install drivers with more features, use Driver Easy to help you.
  12. After connecting Brother machine to the PC, use Driver Easy to scan computer.
  13. It will find the correct driver for the machine.
  14. Click Download button then Install button.
  15. How to Install Brother Printer Drivers

Our assistance:

  1. We are always available to help and support you.
  2. Don’t worry we will take care of everything.
  3. We are team of experts serving such issues since a decade.
  4. Make a call for doorstep solutions.
  5. Call us at given number.
  6. How to Install Brother Printer Drivers
  7. We’ll make it sure that your issue is resolved.

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How can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable?

How Can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable

How Can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable ?

Are you getting frustrated with your latest purchased brother printer or setting How Can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable with your system and failed? Read this blog to learn more the correct steps for the same.

When you doing this Process just make sure that you have already set up the router and the system. If you haven’t set the internet connection then does it as the first properly. You have to understand about your wireless network setting of the WiFi access pointer or router. Check the network name and note it down.

For any questions or issue related on Brother Printer WiFi or any of its models then call Brother Support Number team to get on instant support.

Here, are the steps to setup the wireless settings for your Brother Printer WiFi-

  1. You need to place the Brother machine close to the network access point or router.
  2. How Can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable

Make sure there is no obstruction like walls or pillars between the router and the machine.  And the screens may get differ depending on the operating system and the Brother Printer models been used.

  1. Check whether your Brother machine is turned on.
  2. Make sure your system is switched on.
  3. Log on with the ‘Administrative rights’.
  4. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
  5. Choose the device-

For Windows

  1. This installation screen will show automatically on the screen. If ask any, choose the model and language.
  2. Select the ‘Install Brother Printer Driver’.
  3. Click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, when the ‘User Account Control’ screen appears.
  4. Select ‘Yes’ option to agree to the License Agreement, when the ‘License Agreement’ window appears.
  5. Choose ‘Wireless Network Connection’ without checking the ‘Custom Install’.
  6. Click the ‘Next’ option.
  7. When the ‘Firewall or Antivirus detected’ screen appears, choose ‘Change the firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation’ (Recommended)
  8. Click the ‘Next’ option and continue with the Step 7.
  9. Choose ‘No, I don’t have a USB Cable’ when the wireless device set up screen appears.
  10. Click the ‘Next’ option.
  11. Confirm the message on the screen and check the ‘Checked and confirmed’ box.
  12. Your network name will get displayed, choose ‘Yes’ option.
  13.  You need to enable wireless networking on the device using the Control panel.
  1. Follow the steps on the screen-
  1. Press the ‘Wi-Fi’ button on your Brother Printer not more than 2 seconds until and unless the light begins to blink.
  2. The ‘Wi-Fi’ button will light up when it gets connected.
  3. How Can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable
  4. Choose ‘Connection: OK’ after getting up to your Windows Computer.
  5. Select the ‘Brother Printer’ you want to install.
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions on the screen to install the Brother Printer driver for the network connection.
  7. Install the Brother Printer drivers for the network connection for printing through the USB cable.
  8. How Can I set up Brother Printer to WiFi without a USB cable
  9. The Brother Printer drivers and the software installation commence.
  10. Wait for it to get done with the installation.

Note- If you’re still facing issues while going through the above steps then call Brother Printer Support to get help from the experts.

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