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Printer Setup

To get the utmost efficiency with the most effective output, the printer is setup in a very correct way. Brother printer setup in a very comprehensive way needs a further skill to link with the PC and tweaking the settings as per the requirements of the end-user’s and system compatibility.




Driver Installation

The process of installation of every brand of printer is nearly same to each other omitting some settings that you can perceive through the manual. If you are getting difficulty in how to install Brother Printer, there are teams of technicians working in the industry who will assist you in Brother printer Installation.


If Brother Printers don’t seem to be operating properly, it needs repairing in proper time. It helps to keep any kind of major issues away that may influence the work of the end-users. Brother Printer repair service is obtainable for all brands. We Are Brother Printer Support Help Team.  


We, Brother Printer Support Number +1-877-353-1149 team are respecting our customers. It doesn’t matter what the time is.  We are always available 24/7/365 to resolve all your brother printer related issues. Just Get in Touch Our Technician Team for quick Solution.





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Immediately Fix For Brother Printer Scanner On Windows 10

Brother printer is one of the most trustworthy and famous brands in printer manufacturing companies. Using the latest top models of brother printers you cannot the only printer but also fax scan and copy

However, we human beings face some challenges with the technologies and their products.  One common issue that we have come across is brother printer will not scan on windows 10 operating system

Immediately Fix For Brother Printer Scanner On Windows 10

In such cases, we find it difficult to tackle the issues and get to a resolution with the help of the manual that comes with the printer.

Probably, due to lack of technical knowledge, there might be some easy settings that we are missing on that is causing this problem. Here is how we can try to troubleshoot and get a fix on this issue.

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USB or Wi-Fi?

Important Following are the step to fix printer scanning issues

Check that the machine is powered on and without errors

  1. Make sure, there is light on the printer’s display
  2. Ensure there is no error message on the printer display
  3. Ensure that the printer is ready to use
  4. please be sure that the scan drivers are installed
  5. Ensure your printers IP address
  6. connect printers scan drivers to the right IP address
  7. Choose the right firewall settings
  8. Ensure control center is in the running status

Make sure that the printer is ready to use

  1. Please be sure that you connect your printer to the accord and turn it on. Check if there is light on the printer display (If the light doesn’t turn on then unplug the wire and plug incorrectly)
  2. Make sure that the printer is not on sleep mode if the lights don’t turn on. (If it is then pressing the power key for Few seconds )
  3. Check if there is an error message like- paper jam ink/toner etc . (If then troubleshot to fix it)

Check your connection

To use the scanner tool it is important that to install your printer using peer-to-peer network environment, as it uses the computer server.

Ensure that the printer is ready to use

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the start menu.
  2. Select the control panel
  3. Choose hardware and sound
  4. Select devices and printer.
  5. And check for your printer icon If it shows as ready to use. (Suggestion – print a test page)

Ensure if the scan drivers are installed

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Select the search option (magnifying glass) on the right top corner
  3. Type in scanner
  4. Select the option for view scanner and camera
  5. Look for your brother printer scanner
  6. If you don’t find the scan driver (Then go to brother printer official site and download scan driver and follow the instruction to install it.)

Ensure your printers IP address

To ensure your printers IP address you need to pull the reports of all your current network configuration along with the printer server settings.

Follow the steps below to pull the report:

  1. Go to Menu on your brother printer.
  2. Choose printer reports.
  3. Select network configuration and push OK.
  4. Choose either color start, black (mono) start or start.
  5. Once done select stop and exit.

Connect printers scan drivers to the right IP address

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Select the search option (magnifying glass) on the right top corner
  3. Type in scanner
  4. Choose the option for view scanner and camera
  5. Choose your scanner and click on the property
  6. Once you click on the property you might get a pop up on the screen for user account control (Press OK or yes ) However, if you are not the admin user you would have to type in the admin password and hit OK.
  7. Hit on the network setting
  8. Choose Specify your machine by address
  9. Enter the IP address and hit OK.

After doing all these steps you should be able to fix your scanner to print your documents on your Windows 10 operating system. If you are still not able to print we suggest you get in touch with our Brother Printer Support Team at +1-877-353-1149.

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How to connect brother printer using USB or Wi-Fi?

Kanekichi Yasui is the founder of Brother Company. Kanekichi Yasui was a citizen from Japan. He first started Yasui Sewing Machine Co. This was into repairs and manufacturing sewing machines. 1971 is when brother invented their first high-speed dot-matrix printer.

When it comes to printer Brother Printer is one of the trusted and famous brands amongst the printer manufacturing companies. The brand brother not just manufactures printer it also Manufactures products like fax machines, scanner, sewing machine etc. Brother printers are used for home as well as for business purpose. In this article, we will help you with the easy steps to connect your brother printer to WI-FI for all models.

Easy Steps to Connect Brother Printer to WI-FI

Before we help you with the steps to connect your printer to your wireless device it is very important that you remember the follow details:


  1. Network Name (both SSID and ESSID) The name of your Network or Wi-Fi
  2. Password, Encryption Key and make sure about the upper and lower case of your password.

Important -Brother Printers generally make use of the WEP KEY Type. In case if your router is using extra WEP Key. Then select the first key.

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Manage Brother Printer via Control Panel

  1. Plug-in your printer to an AC outlet and turn it on.
  2. Click on Menu button use the up and down arrow key and select Network
  3. Now use the up and down arrow and select WLAN
  4. Go to option setup Wizard and Click on enable WLAN

After doing these steps you will be able to start WIFI Wizard Setup, This might take few seconds to search and give you the list of SSID’s (Name of the Wi-Fi) available. Once you get the list choose the name of your and click on. Still need help please call our brother printer customer support at +1-877-353-1149


Or visit our site: http://www.brotherprintersupport.org/


Connect brother printers using USB cable

While connecting your printer using USB cable again it is very important that you remember the SSID (Name of Wi-Fi) Type of password (Encryption Key) and Password.


  1. Connect your printer with an AC Power Cord.
  2. Power on both your computer and printer
  3. Put the CD-ROM (CD) that you have received with your printer in your computer CD Drive.
  4. Important Windows operating systems and Macintosh operating systems both have their own ways to install.


How to connect brother printer using USB or Wi-Fi?

For windows operating systems:

  1. Once you run the CD-ROM in the CD drive in your computer you will get a pop up message on your screen to choose the model and preferred language.
  2. Choose install printer driver from the CD-ROM Menu that appears on your computer.
  3. Once you choose install printer driver you will get another pop up asking you to select Allow or Yes for the options of User Account Control, License Agreement, and Wireless Network Connection.
  4. Choose the option as brother peer-to-peer Network Printer. Then find the name of your Wi-Fi and configure.

For Macintosh operating systems:

  1. Turn on both your computer as well as printer
  2. Click on the apple icon on your computer at the extreme left corner
  3. Choose system preference option under the apple icon
  4. Select on the printer & fax icon o your computer
  5. Find the model of your brother printer and select it
  6. Then click on the add option

Following these steps your Mac computer should be connected to your printer using USB Cable. Still have problem please contact our Brother Printer Customer Support at +1-877-353-1149.

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How to fix Brother printer offline?

How to fix Brother printer offline with Brother printer support phone number

How to fix Brother printer offline

Generally, printing machines are very sensitive, they react so easily. That is why they show offline message very often so you must contact Brother Printer Support Phone Number. How to fix Brother printer offline, however, there are plenty of ways for Brother Printer Offline fix for example. Determining the reasons will help you to find out relevant ways out from such problem. The main reasons are related to connection and power supply. In addition, your machine can be overloaded or has a failure of system hardware. www.brother.com

Setting as a default

Make sure your machine would be set as default. The system doesn’t choose it first. For to do that you need to press Win + R key and type control and then press ok. When the control panel is opened to find and open Devices and Printers. You will see the list of the devices, from where you have to find your Brother printer, make the right click and Set as default. If it did not work try another option. How to fix Brother printer offline


Brother Printer Support

The machine doesn’t work if it’s paused and went offline. For resolving this problem follow the instruction. Open Devices and Brother Printer from the control panel and right click on your device again. Then select See what’s printing. On the showed window click on device and Open as an administrator. After that click on your device again and if both Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline are ticked remove these ticks. After closing the window check if the printer went to online. If it didn’t try the next step.

Canceling tasks

Clearing print queue really helps the machine to wake up sometimes. How to do that? Repeat the first steps again and choose to Cancel all documents instead opening as administrator. Then press yes on a popped-up window. How to fix Brother printer offline, After that close the window and see whether the machine went online or not. If not then try the next option.

Updating firmware

In many cases, firmware needs to be updated to resolve such issues. You have to visit the official website of brother software and search for your product. After selecting operating system click the search button. Scroll until you find the section of firmware and select update tool. After that agree conditions, download and follow the instruction updating.


Brother Printer Support Phone Number

Whether above-mentioned options don’t work the only thing left is to update the driver. You have to open Devices and Printer again. Right click on the device and select Remove device. By hitting Yes, you are confirming your action once again. After that download full official software package and follow instructions for installation of the latest driver.

By contacting Brother Printer Support Phone Number  +1-877-353-1149 you will get all the help you need.

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